Whisky Review – Laphroaig 10

My first whisky – Laphroaig 10

In my eyes, you can’t go wrong with a peated whisky and Laphroaig is the king of all distilleries to create this! Surprisingly this whisky isn’t a smack you in the mouth smoke as you would expect but delicate peat comes through with elements of sea salt and a sweetness that is a bit surprising but very welcome. This is the first whisky that I tried and really got into it thanks to my dad! He himself isn’t a big whisky drinker however was given a bottle of this as a gift and fortunately shared it.

No surprise my love of whisky came after trying this it’s immense and I could recommend it enough. A very accessible price for whisky . It is widely available in all good supermarkets and obviously the likes of master of malt. Eminently quaffable this is my go to in the evening or just enjoying the bliss that only a Saturday and Sunday afternoon can give.  Its iconic green bottle and crisp white label it is easily recognisable amongst the other editions from Laphroaig. On top of this the quarter cask is also another one I would suggest trying, much peatier and a bit more punchy but my word what a whisky!

In short …

Laphroaig 10

Islay, Scotland
40% ABV

Nose: lots of peaty smoke, medicinal seaweed
Palate: salty sweetness with waves of peat
Finish: long finish of smoky peak and sea salt

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Let us know how you got into whisky and your first memory in the comments below!

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