Whisky Review – Johnie Walker, Black Label

Whisky Review – Johnie Walker, Black Label

We recently took a well-deserved holiday, and found ourselves on an airplane. From the limited number of whiskies available we felt it would be a shame to pass-up on the opportunity to try Johnie Walker, Black Label. Especially as we had been lucky enough to try the Edinburgh Princess Street edition at a North London Whisky Club tasting event.

As a short …

Johnie Walker, Black Label

Blended scotch whisky
40% ABV

Nose: grassy, citrus notes, fresh and clean, malt heavy, pear, orchard fruits, apple blossom
Palate: very creamy, LOTS of honey, light warming spices, stem ginger, milk chocolate, malty biscuits
Finish: vanilla, oak, honey sweetness

We felt that this was a very pleasant dram. Easy going, tasty – it didn’t demand much from you as a drinker. A solid every-day drink.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

With a mixer …

Black Label & Ginger Ale

Nose: very fresh, citrus, vanilla sweetness, hints of honey, and obviously LOTS of ginger
Palate: very drinkable, vanilla and honey develop, ginger moves to the background
Finish: light, sweet, and ginger develops

The ginger ale really built on the natural flavours of the whisky. Highlighting the honey and vanilla flavours, whilst boosting the natural ginger-spice. It was a well-matched combination, a fresh drink – which would be perfect for a hot summers evening.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

It is safe to say that the Johnie Walker, Black Label is an easy-going, everyday dram. We totally understand why it is a mainstay on a number of people’s shelves! We’ve not got many (if any) blended whiskies on our shelf at the moment, so we may very well find ourselves purchasing a bottle too.

Let us know in the comments below what your go-to airplane whisky is? And whether you’ve tasted any travel-retail limited release!

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