Whisky Review – GlenAllachie 8 y/o Koval Rye

Whisky Review – GlenAllachie 8 y/o Koval Rye Quarter Cask Wood Finish

In July 2021 we sampled the GlenAllachie wine-cask series and absolutely loved some of those expressions. This particular release was one of three mid-2019 releases from the GlenAllachie. We know that finishing whiskies in different casks is not to everyones taste. However, we do love seeing how different whiskies take on flavour profiles so were particularly excited to try this dram.

GlenAllachie Distillery …

Based in the heart of Speyside, the GlenAllachie distillery can be found at the foot of the Ben Rinnes. Purchased in 2017 by Billy Walker, Trisha Savage and Graham Stevenson from the Chivas Brothers, it is one of Scotland’s few independently owned and managed distilleries. Since then, they have slowly been releasing a number of core-range expressions, single-casks, and limited editions.

Tasting Notes …

GlenAllachie 8 y/o Koval Rye Quarter Cask Wood Finish – 48% ABV

This expression was initially aged in American oak casks before being moved into smaller quarter casks that had previously held Koval Rye. Koval is a Chicago based distillery, and it’s Rye is known to boast earthy maple syrup notes. In the glass, this whisky has a particularly light colour with a lovely oily texture. From the moment that you poured it into the glass sweet fruity notes hit you, enticing you in to take a sip!

Nose: honeycomb, orchard fruits, toffee apple, creamy, butter, baking spices, oaky spice
Palate: crunchy nut cornflakes, milk chocolate fountain, chilli pepper
Finish: peppery spice, maple syrup, charred oak

Available for just under £60 – this whisky is has taken on some really interesting flavours from the Koval Rye. We really like the crunchy nut cornflakes and peppery spice combination! Definitely a dram to share with friends who are interested in different whisky finishes, and experimental cask types.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

With the rejuvenated energy and spirit (pun not intended) now coming from the GlenAllachie Distillery, we are really excited to see where they go in the future. We know it is not to everyone’s liking to have a cask finish on their whisky, but we’ve found them particularly interesting and love seeing how different flavours play together. Let us know what your thoughts on cask finishes are in the comments below!

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