House Drams – Glenfarclas 105

Whisky Review, House Drams, 3 Years and a Day – Glenfarclas 105

*The following samples were gifted to us by the team at House Drams, as a part of their ‘3 years and a day‘ tasting pack, all opinions are our own*

The third dram in our ‘3 Years and a Day’ tasting set is the Glenfarclas 105. It’s no secret that Glenfarclas is a house favourite distillery here at The Dram Duo. We featured their 25 y/o expression as part of our ‘Sherry Bomb Sundays’ series, and recently reviewed their 15 y/o expression too.

House Drams

What started as a lockdown project of three passionate whisky drinkers sharing their love for the spirit with friends and family has blossomed into an independent business – House Drams. The team are out to prove that there is a whisky out there to suite all tastes.

You can find out more about House Drams in our Glenfiddich IPA review, and their website.

3 Years and a Day

This particular tasting set includes whisky Glenfiddich, Tullibardine, Glenfarclas, Glenrothes, and Ardbeg.

Glenfarclas 105

The Glenfarclas 105 is a rare non-age-statement (NAS) release from the Glenfarclas Distillery. It’s name can be traced back to the alcohol content – 105 proof, which is roughly 60% ABV. The original release in 1968 was the first barrel proof single malt scotch whisky to be released (a development we’re definitely appreciative of!).

Glenfarclas Distillery

Owned and managed by the Grant family since 1865, the distillery has been in their family for six generations! They boast an extensive aged-core range, including a 40 y/o whisky. However, they are not limited to just age statements (as the 105 can prove!) and occasional release limited expressions, alongside their Family Casks range.

Tasting Notes

Nose: very creamy and buttery fudge come through to start, hints of walnuts and a little alcohol, tobacco and sherry notes come through also
Palate: cherry and tobacco, a woody spice and lots more dried red fruits
Finish: heaps of dark chocolate and woody spiced mixed with fudge and butterscotch

Rating: 5 out of 5.

So it is fair to say that at 60% ABV this dram is quite punchy; certainly not for the faint hearted. We found it to be warming, with a few drops of water opening up the flavours, and allow the lighter fudge and butterscotch notes to pull through. It’s not all that surprising that both of us really enjoyed this dram – no doubt a bottle will find its way onto our shelves in the not too distant future.

Tasting this dram has been a timely reminder that we have been meaning to do a Glenfarclas whisky flight for a while now. Let us know in the comments below which of their releases you think we should include in our line-up!

*The above samples were gifted to us by the team at House Drams, as a part of their ‘3 years and a day‘ tasting pack, all opinions are our own*

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