Flaviar – 1800 Tequila Reserva Reposado

Flaviar – Spring 2021:

For Christmas I treated the other half of The Dram Duo to a Pour & Sip subscription, after feeling somewhat left out I bit the bullet and decided to try out a Flaviar* subscription for myself. They work in slightly different ways, and the jury is still out on which we prefer, but in summary …

  • Pour & Sip send a monthly selection of five drams of whisky, which they then walk you through with two live tastings a month often with speakers from the distillery.
  • On the other hand, Flaviar will send you one full size bottle of spirit, plus three tasting samples per quarter.

Both provide you with a certain level of discount in their member stores.

1800 Tequila Reserva Reposado

The other half of The Dram Duo is a BIG whisky fan! I however, find myself leaning more towards a tequila or a mezcal, so this felt like a great opportunity to move out of my comfort zone, and try something different.

Starting with the bottle of 1800 Tequila Reserva Reposado – I have been pleasantly surprised with the smoothness of this drink, especially given the very reasonable price point. I find myself reaching for it, as both a good base for a margarita cocktail and also as a sipping drink.


I found this drink to be light on the nose, with hints of dried herbs and lime. The palate opens out to include coriander, black pepper, with the occasional note of vanilla or burnt sugar. Overall the mouth feel is really smooth and warming, with a sweet finish. It stays with you in a pleasant way – it’s not the most long lasting, but it doesn’t immediately run away either!

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Given the reasonable price point of this tequila, and it’s versatility to work well in cocktails I suspect this bottle will become a regular go-to on our shelf.

I am saving this subscription’s samples for my birthday, as a way to keep life a little bit interesting during lockdown – I have high hopes for them! Have you tried this tequila? Let us know your tasting notes and thoughts in the comments below.

*If you use the Flaviar link above to sign-up for a subscription, we will both receive 50 store credits.

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