Valentines Day – Drinks by the Dram & Perfect Measure

Valentines Day 2021

Now we’re not usually a couple that celebrates valentines day. However, if the last 12 months have taught us anything it’s that the small moments matter and you can never have enough reasons to celebrate!

Drinks by the Dram – Tequila & Mezcal Collection

The other half of The Dram Duo knows that I am quite partial to a tequila, but that I’ve not had mezcal before. So what better way to become more experienced with both, then a 12 dram tasting box?! I was very excited to receive this on valentines morning, as there is nothing better than a present that keeps on giving, and I’m very much looking forward to tasting these over the coming weeks – maybe I’ll even find a new favourite!

To kick us off … Mezcal Verde

I was really pleasantly surprised by this spirit. It doesn’t have a particularly complex palate, and feels like an easy introduction to mezcal as a spirit group. I liked the smokiness, and have high hopes for the other drams within this box.

On the nose the mezcal verde has notes of sun-warmed leather, and the embers of a fire on a hot summers day. There is also a sweet undertone somewhat like candied or dried fruits. The taste starts sweet, but ends with a really warming savoury smoke. Dried fruits come through more on the palate, but are not overbearing. Despite having a strong alcohol content, this mezcal is not overly complex, and has a light, short finish on the mouth.

Rating: 3 out of 3.

Whilst tasting this spirit I couldn’t help feeling that it would be a brilliant alternative to tequila in a Bloody Mary; the smokiness feels like it would be very complimentary to the spice and heat of Tabasco and Worcester. Maybe something I will have to try in the future.

Perfect Measure – Independently Bottled Single Malt Whisky Tasting Set

For my other half I picked up a Perfect Measure tasting set. I know they are really keen on single-malt whiskies so this felt like a great way to try some slightly different ones. We’ll make sure to update our thoughts and reviews on here as we make our way through these new drinks.

Let us know if you celebrated valentines day in the comments below, or if you opened any special bottles on the day!

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