#BottleKill – Drumshanbo

Review – Drumshanbo, Single Pot Still

The Shed Distillery

Next up in our #bottlekill series – The Drumshanbo, Single Pot Still. Once again introduced to us via our Pour & Sip subscription. The first Irish whiskey we have sampled, and one that very quickly became a shelf favourite!

Opened in 2014 by PJ Rigney, The Shed Distillery bought back the tradition of Irish whiskey distillation to the Western province of Connacht. The Drumshanbo, Single Pot Still whiskey is the first Irish whiskey to come from Connacht in 105 years and it does not disappoint!

Made with a blending of Irish malted and un-malted barley, with Irish Arra oats; to then be matured in first fill ex-bourbon casks and Oloroso sherry casks – the distillery is aiming for a deliberately creamy, smooth whiskey.


First Impressions and Reflections

The box and bottle are both beautiful! Absolutely ringing true to notion that we tasting starts with the eyes. The bottle is a stumpy tank-type shape, which automatically draws your eye in comparison to the typical taller-slimmer bottles on a shelf. The cooper colour cardboard of the box glimmers in the sun, and amplifies the wonderful deep golden-amber colour of the whiskey.

Nose: freshly cut grass, vanilla caramel and warming milky porridge with a hints of cinnamon and fresh berries
Palate: creamy, buttery feel like a werther’s original, lots of sticky toffee pudding and creamy caramel cinnamon/allspice sauce followed by a warming spice.
Finish: creamy pudding with honey and a finish of chilli heat and the smokiness of the last dying embers of a fire.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This particular whiskey was a big hit in our household as it very nicely bridge the gap between spicy/fiery Scottish single-malts, with the typically sweeter notes of bourbon. An absolute delight for all the senses, both of us would very happily reach for a dram of an evening. This feels like a very approachable entrance to Irish whiskey, with a distillery who are following some long-held traditions.

Final Thoughts

At roughly £43 this bottle is an absolute steal. Wonderfully creamy, sweet and smooth. A quaffable lazy evening whiskey. The unique styling encourages you to show it off on your shelf – especially in a corner where the sunlight can catch the box. Soft and soothing, but with a lovely mature palate that we all love. The speed at which this bottle became a #bottlekill is testament to the quality and fantastic taste. We will no doubt in the future be purchasing another to share with friends.

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We’re always keen to try new and different whiskies so let us know your recommendations for Irish Whiskey in the comments below!

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