#BottleKill – Arran, Port Cask

Review – Arran Whisky, Port Cask

Well they’ve done it again, Pour & Sip introduced us to the Arran distillery and well in short we love it! One of THE most quaffable drams we have ever had – the port cask is incredible.

Arran Distillery

Opened in 1995 ago the Arran Distillery is based on the Isle of Arran (we know – shocker!). This distillery is about showing off the wonder of the Isle of Arran in a bottle. Focusing on using local water, Lochranza was chosen as the site for the new distillery in 1993. With a brief interlude for a couple of eagles, the spirit first ran through the distillery in 1995 and opened shortly there after.

With a recent makeover – making them one of the most attractive bottles on our shelf – being non-chill filtered, and natural colour has always been at the heart of what Arran Distillery do.


First Impressions and Reflections

The tube it comes in is fairly understated but it is a great looking bottle! Think Victorian medicine bottle, tall and slender which stands out despite being such a simple design.The whisky itself is a dark liquid from the port cask influence which hints at the deepness of the flavours within.

A first glance at this whisky conjures up briskly cold autumn evenings, huddled around a fire, clad in leather gloves and heavy winter coats. It has a very striking presence on our shelf, holding it’s own against more colourful red-wine and sherry whiskies.

Nose: strawberry jam, hints of aniseed, stewed red fruits, muscovado sugar, baked spiced apples
Palate: black forest gateau, ginger spice, creamy brown sugar (beginnings of cake mix, red fruit jam, caramel
Finish: baking spices, ginger nuts, ginger spice, candied orange peel, chocolate covered cherries, buttery and smooth

We first tasted this whisky in February 2021 – our original tasting notes can be found here.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Final Thoughts

It’s no secret that we are big fans of whisky – but this particular whisky will forever occupy a space on our shelf. Eminently drinkable, this whisky can flex to whatever your occasion. Need a Thursday post-work wind down – Arran port cask. Care-free Friday night – Arran port cask. Tuesday night book club – you guessed it have an Arran port cask. You get the picture …

Sophisticated, inviting, reassuring, friendly, and approachable. Paired with the reasonable price of £44 (Master of Malt) you can’t really go wrong. Comfortably one of our favourites, if only we could get it on subscription!

What’s your absolute go to?

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