Drams to Door – May 2021

Drams to Door – May 2021 ‘Winey’ box

Launched in May 2021, Drams to Door is a new whisky subscription service powered by Milroys – London’s oldest whisky specialist. Each month you receive five 30ml drams, accompanied with a video from the Milroys team walking you through them. These are our thoughts on the May ‘Winey’ box …

How it works …

In order to start your subscription, you are first directed to a short quiz to help determine which whiskies suit your palate best. The subscriptions available include:

  • Peaty – smokey, bonfire, medicinal, lapsang notes
  • Fruity – fresh, tropical, citrusy, dried fruit notes
  • Spicy & Woody – cinnamon, vanilla, oaky, tobacco notes
  • Winey – dried fruit, chocolate, raspberries, fruit cake notes
  • Floral – cut grass, perfumed, clover, rosebud notes
  • Cerealy – multy, nutty, wheaty, vegetable notes

Milroys’ then leverage their longstanding relationships with distilleries, to fill each box with five drams of rare and exciting whiskies.

I was matched with the ‘winey’ box and first impressions it feels like the best match for me. I am also intrigued by the flavour notes on the cerealy box – but luckily I can change up my selection at any time.

Tasting Notes

Before we get into the tasting notes, I just wanted to highlight how gorgeous these boxes are. The gold makes them feel very decadent, and the circular shape stands out from other tasting sets that we have tried.

Aberfeldy 15 y/o French Red Wine Cask Finish – 43%

Nose: cherry, chocolate, honey, plums, black forest gateau, leather, tobacco
Palate: honey, golden syrup, plums, dark chocolate covered cherries
Finish: white pepper, red fruit, honey

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Glendronach 12 y/o – 43%

Nose: dark fruits, fruit cake, marzipan, dark chocolate, malty biscuits, cherry blossom, fresh air, fruit trees after the rain
Palate: light, fresh, apples, honey, pears, vanilla, bramble bush
Finish: short, lots of fruitcake notes

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Glengoyne 12 y/o – 43%

Nose: oak, nutty, dark chocolate, vanilla, honey, apple straws, jolly ranchers, cream tea on a farm
Palate: vanilla, honey, walnut, red fruits, buttered toast
Finish: citrus, orchard fruits, oak, buttery and quite short

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Glenfarclas 15 y/o – 46%

Nose: fresh honeycomb, vanilla, earthy, wet grass, red berries, apples and pears
Palate: rich, toast, stone fruits, raisins, plums and sultanas
Finish: charred oak, warming, slightly bitter on the finish like the top of a fruitcake

So I’ll come clean – I already knew I was a big fan of this whisky (we have a bottle sat on our shelf!).

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Arran Bodega Sherry Cask – 55.8%

Nose: Cherry, nutmeg, cinnamon, figs, salted caramel, berry crumble
Palate: Brown sugar, dark stewed fruit, cinnamon
Finish: Short, fruity, oily, dark fruit crumble and a warm blanket in winter

I’ve been dying to try this whisky as I love both the port cask and quarter cask expressions from Arran. Once again a fabulous dram that has made me even more curious to try their Amarone and Sauternes finishes.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Final Thoughts

This was a lovely tailored flight, and contained a couple of drams we had been dying to taste including the Arran Bodega Sherry Cask. There was not one duff dram in this box which is a testament to their quiz matching well with my palate.

I suspect that in the future we may want to branch out and try some of the other subscription options, to try and broaden our whisky horizons. I’d also be keen to see some more wine finishes in the box moving forwards, and maybe the occasional peaty-sherry dram too …

I’m definitely excited to see where this goes, and would love to hear if you’ve had any of their other boxes!

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