Whisky Review – Glengoyne 12 y/o

Whisky Review – Glengoyne 12 y/o

Is it really December if you don’t have an advent calendar? This year we treated our selves to a build your own whisky advent calendar. By selecting our own drams, we were able to try whiskies that we haven’t been exposed to before, but suspect that we will enjoy! Day 1 of our calendar was the Glengoyne 12 y/o.

Glengoyne Distillery …

Founded in 1833, The Glengoyne Distillery is the southern most distillery in the Scottish Highlands. Their core range consists of a number of age-statements, including 10, 12, and 18 y/o expressions. Taking a patient approach to their craft, they have the longest distillation process of any Scottish whisky.

Unusually, Glengoyne do not use the burning of peat to dry their barley. Instead opting to allow the barley to air-dry. Again, applying patience to their craft! Even their cask preparation takes times. With their ‘made to order’ casks requiring six years of preparation before they are deemed ready to mature Glengoyne whisky.

Tasting Notes …

Glengoyne 12 y/o – 43% ABV

The Glengoyne 12 y/o is made up of a variety of different cask types: 20% first-fill European sherry oak, 20% first-fill American oak bourbon barrels, and 60% oak re-fill casks. It retails for between £35 – £45, with a 3cl sample being £5.18 from Master of Malt.

Nose: quite floral, lots of blossom, lots of honey, fresh, spring air, orchard fruits, nectarine, lemon curd, citrus zest, toffee apples
Palate: very creamy! vanilla custard, yoghurt topped with fruit, honey, and toasted nuts, starts quite sweet
Finish: quite long, woody bitterness (like a damp lollystick!), nuttiness, like chewing a coffee bean

An interesting dram, at an accessible price point. Starts light and sweet, and becomes more savoury as the flavours develop. Big fan of the texture, really creamy and thick.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

A brilliant start to the advent calendar. Lots of fresh fruit and floral notes, balanced nicely with the creamy texture. The slightly bitter edge to the finish rounds of the whisky, and provides depth. Although we had already sampled this dram as part of our Drams to Door subscription, we were keen to try it again. We wouldn’t necessarily have sampled this at a whisky bar, so we have appreciated being able to purchase it as a dram.

We feel this whisky would be a good introductory whisky as it has a variety of flavours, which aren’t competing with smokey peat. An easy-going every day dram, that is suited to late summer evenings!

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