Bourbon Review – Hudson, Four Grain

Bourbon Review – Hudson, Four Grain Bourbon Whiskey

As you can probably tell by the split of our reviews, we tend to lean towards a single-malt Scotch whisky over a bourbon. However, as part of my build your own advent calendar from Master of Malt, the other half selected a few bourbon whiskey samples to test the water. This particular bourbon caught their eye as the distillery is based in New York!

Hudson Whiskey, Tuthilltown Spirits Distillery …

Based in New York, Tuthilltown Spirits Distillery was founded by Ralph Erenzo in 2003. Pushing the boundaries from the start, Ralph fought for changes to the law, to pave the way for craft distillers across the United States. Thanks to his efforts, there are now over 150 distilleries in New York alone, and a massive 1,800+ across the US.

With a big focus on locally sourced grains from family farms, they pride themselves on Hudson whiskey having big, bold flavours – like New York personified. Not afraid of experimentation, they want their whiskey to be “bold, yet refined; artful and unapologetic“.

Tuthilltown Spirits were the producers of the first legal pot-still whiskey in New York since prohibition, and they have not looked backed. A number of expressions are now available from them, including a Straight Rye Whiskey that has been finished in maple syrup barrels – talk about tempting!

Tasting Notes …

Hudson, Four Grain Whiskey – 46% ABV

Like the names suggests, this whiskey is made up of four grains. Specifically: 60% corn, 15% rye, 15% wheat and 10% malted barely. Aged for a minimum of seven years, this sprit spends its life in small three-gallon barrels to accelerate maturation.

The copper colour looks great, and the aromas are immediately inviting from the moment it hits the glass. With the mixture of the four grains, we were keen to see how this would play out in the flavour profile.

Nose: lots of vanilla, hints of rye (pencil shavings), orange oil, pepper spice, creamy notes, burnt butter
Palate: Nutella chocolate spread, buttercream icing, creme brûlée, citrus zest, orange oil
Finish: rye toast with orange marmalade, minty spice, burnt sugar

This is a VERY interesting dram. I may even be as bold as to say this is THE best bourbon whiskey that I have ever tried. The complexity of the nose, paired with the creamy, thick mouthfeel is just delightful. A multi-faceted dram, with cereal notes, rye spice, and cream to carry you through.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

It may be based on a different continent but this distillery as just jumped to the top of our list of places to visit! Once again, I have realised that I really ought to be more open to trying bourbon whiskey! What is your favourite bourbon, let us know in the comments below.

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