Whisky Review – Nc’Nean, Batch 7

Whisky Review – Nc’Nean, Batch 7

We were first introduced to Nc’Nean through The Dram Team, Women in Whisky box in March 2021. We found their spirit to be light, refreshing, and full of tropical notes – so were very happy to see another batch in the September 2021 Pour & Sip box! Released in small batches, each of their whiskies takes on a slightly different flavour profile. Additionally, with their beautiful bottle present all over social media, it is difficult not to get a bit hyped about this dram!

Nc’Nean …

Founded by Annabel Thomas, Nc’Nean started production in 2017. An independent, organic distillery, they aim to “to create experimental spirits and pioneer sustainable production”. Inspiration for their name was taken from the Gaelic goddess – Neachneohain. Strong and independent, the Queen of Spirits was a fierce protector of nature.

With sustainability at the heart of who they are, Nc’Nean are powered by renewable energy, use 100% recyled glass for their bottles, organic Scottish barely, and recycle 99.97% of their waste.

The renowned Dr. Jim Swan was the original Master Distiller for Nc’Nean, and was instrumental in the design of the distillery before he suddenly passed away in February 2017.

Tasting Notes …

Nc’Nean, Batch 7 – 46% ABV

Made in small batches, each release of Nc’Nean whisky will be slightly different. Batch 7 is a total of 5040 bottles, made up of spirit distillery in September/November 2017, and March 2018. Bottled between May and July 2021, this spirit is just over three years old. It is a mixture of 65% STR red wine, and 35% ex-bourbon casks. Further information about Batch 7 (and their other batches) can be found on the Nc’Nean website.

Nose: canned pear, creamy nutmeg porridge, marzipan, candied ginger, and currants, very buttery, lots of citrus notes in the background
Palate: thick, creamy, buttery, lemon curd on toast, malty biscuits, lots of lemon zest and peel, milk chocolate, tropical fruits
Finish: fruit and nut chocolate, nutmeg, porridge, malt loaf, butter

Once again, we found this expression to be lovely and light – the citrus notes of lemon zest, lemon curd, and tropical fruits were delicious. We felt that this would be a great dram for a late summer evening outside. One to finish the night with before heading to bed. The mixture of STR red-wine casks, and ex-bourbon casks really do produce some great flavours.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

We had completely forgotten that we had these tasting notes, and re-discovered them whilst doing some rather dull admin! Reading back through them, we are re-invigorated to try more Nc’Nean whisky. It is fantastic that they are bringing the conversation of sustainability to the forefront of the whisky industry, and we hope to see more distilleries following suit in the future. Have you tried Nc’Nean in the past? Let us know in the comments below!

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